When sending bulk email in conjunction with YM, you have three options –

  1. Use YM’s built-in bulk e-mail system
  2. Upgrade to Informz, YM’s integrated advanced e-mail platform
  3. Use an external system such as Constant Contact or MailChimp

Each of the options above has it’s pros and cons, and strengths and weaknesses. In fact, some YM customers use a combination of these options, depending upon what type of email they’re sending, or who the intended target audience is.

YM’s built in system is integrated with your member database, whereas and external system is not.  You’ll need to export your mailing lists when sending from those platforms. Where Informz takes bulk email to another level is through its campaign capabilities. When a recipient clicks on a link in an Informz email, that can trigger the next email they receive. We’ve worked extensively with all of the platforms above and feel free to reach out to us to learn more.