How Can We Help You?

New YM Customer
New YM Customer

Build-out Your New Site

  • Build-out your YM site from start to finish

  • Determine which YM options you’ll need

  • Design your site template, colors and fonts

  • Configure backend site infrastructure

  • Configure Member Types and Memberships

  • Set access to member and non-member resources

  • Activate your online merchant account

  • Personalize auto-response e-mails

  • Enable site features which you’ll be using

  • Configure contact forms

  • Map out and configure your menu structure

  • Transfer content from your current site

  • Create homepage slides

  • Import member records

  • Perform testing of site features and functions

  • Configure DNS settings

  • Launch YM site and send welcome e-mail to members

  • Provide live training via webinar

Current YM Customer
Current YM Customer

Support Your Current Site

  • Perform ongoing webmaster services

  • Provide support services 24/7

  • Redesign your YM site

  • Perform custom coding including CSS, HTML, JavaScript

  • Reconfigure member registration workflow

  • Create homepage Action Boxes

  • Perform database imports and cleanup

  • Create custom e-mail templates

  • Post content, news, blogs, events

  • Respond to member inquiries

  • Create and send member e-mail newsletters

  • Create custom query reports

  • Configure Groups and administrative privileges

  • Build Conference microsites

  • Configure conference registration, tickets, sessions

  • Manage your conference registration

  • Special one-time projects

  • Find solutions for tasks outside the scope of YM


You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

K2 Information Systems is a technology company specializing in the support of the Your Membership platform. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and YM recommends us to their customers seeking 3rd party consultants.
Our services include:

  • Build-out and deployment of new YM sites
  • Redesign of current YM sites
  • Configuration of YM site features & functions
  • Content management
  • Custom integration
  • Technical support and troubleshooting

K2 will get your YM site launched from start to finish:

  • Configure YM infrastructure
  • Design YM site template
  • Post content
  • Import member database
  • Configure DNS
  • Send member welcome e-mail
  • Provide ongoing support
K2 will manage every aspect of your YM site – content, events, registration, financial, member support, etc. – for a fixed monthly fee. This eliminates the need to hire staff for managing your YM site. Our support is US-Based, not overseas.
Contact us any time, day, night or weekends, and we’ll get to work on your issue right away. Our support is US-Based, not overseas.
K2 is authorized to sell YM hosting to our clients; new YM customers and YM renewals, even if you originally purchased your hosting directly from YM. And most importantly, we can save you money. We’ll provide a limited number of free support hours with your hosting plan. Contact us for more details.

In addition to YM’s core member management software, they offer several add-on products including a Learning Management System, Career Center, Informz e-mail, and more. K2 is experienced with the configuration, integration and deployment of all these products.

We can support your members with sign in assistance, renewals, dues processing and more. You can focus on running your organization rather than answering member inquiries.
We’ve redesigned and refreshed countless YM sites, and the results are stunning – both Standard YM templates and Brand+. We’ll help you choose colors, fonts, layout, features and functions.  We can add advanced HTML such as accordion pages and active rollover buttons, to really make your site customized.
We can design e-mail templates that will give your organization a clean modern look. Plus, we can send your regularly scheduled member communications.
We perform YM database imports every day – yes, every day! Imports are used to integrate external mailing lists, perform global updates to your database, add database features, and more.  It’s vitally important that imports are performed correctly and by someone experienced specifically on the YM platform. And there’s no one more experienced with YM data imports than us.
With YM you have the option of creating separate websites, called Microsites, and K2 can build-out your custom conference Microsite from start to finish. Microsite pages are literally a blank slate, and they’re ideal for creating separate conference websites.  That way your conference site can have it’s own look and feel, as well as it’s own menu system, separate from your YM site.
In some instances, YM customers may choose to use a WordPress site for the frontend interface, and YM for backend transactions. WordPress can be used for your conference website as well. K2 is experienced in building and managing WordPress for YM integration.

YM sites can be customized via CSS, HTML, JavaScript and other custom coding.  K2 can implement this code which will make your site truly unique.

K2 can provide you and your staff with customized training via webinar.  We’ll cover the YM features and functions that are most important to your organization, and your staff’s responsibilities.

Fun Facts

We Love Working On YM And That Makes All The Difference

Hours Working on YM

Our time working on YM has exceeded 25,000 hours. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule, our knowledge of YM is now world-class. We already knew that anyway.

Members Managed

We’ve managed well over 1,000,000 YM member records. Yes that’s M as in Million. The best part is that YM has never lost a single record. We call that “bulletproof” software.

Happy Customers

Percent of customers who love our work and have showered us with praise. It’s those kind words of encouragement which motivate us to keep “YM-ing” every day.

Cups of Coffee Sipped

We have to confess that we drink instant coffee, because it’s too much trouble brewing real coffee. Plus, that would take away from our “YM Time”, and we can’t let that happen.