World-class Services Built on the Latest Cloud Technologies

Spanning the Globe

The YM platform serves over 5,000 organizations, with 20 million members, in 33 countries worldwide.

Agile Software

YM follows best practices for agile software development, making it an efficient environment.

Lightning Fast

YM sites are hosted on AWS which is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by Amazon.

Hardened Security

Sites are protected from malicious activity by Cisco routing, firewalling, and 24 x 7 monitoring.


Your Membership offers an entire suite of products to foster your organization’s growth.

K2 can help you determine which YM products are right for you.


Association Management Software

Association Management Software

Foster member loyalty with continuous opportunities to network, learn and share. Instantly build your members’ connections and deliver relevant content through a unified community.

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Social Link Platform

Social Link Platform

Increase social and community collaboration by connecting your members to personalized, dynamic content, career and learning opportunities and member benefits.

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Crowd Wisdom LMS

Crowd Wisdom LMS

Deliver a personalized and intuitive learner journey. Exceed your learners’ expectations by leveraging the latest education strategies and learning technology. 

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Career Center

Career Center

Delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in non-dues revenue for partner organizations. Unsurpassed technology, along with the world’s largest niche job board software sales and marketing team, maximize results.

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Informz E-mail Marketing

Informz E-mail Marketing

Sophisticated marketing automation made simple. Create a one-to-one member journey by leveraging the integration of YM’s AMS and Informz®. Deliver the right message at exactly the right time through every touchpoint.

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Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing

Accelerate non-dues revenue with innovative solutions and a world-class sales team. Generate new revenue from metric-driven advertising and sponsorships which cost you nothing to build and grow.

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Administrative Control

YM’s Built-in Powerful Membership Management Features

Create and manage member types
Approve members via email validation, directory match or manually
Create, edit and review member profiles via backend
Export member profile and non-member profile data
Create master-accounts and sub-accounts
Assign sub-accounts to master accounts
Enable member-type-specific pricing for tickets, store items + more
Set optional/required dues payment for specific member types
Provide printable Membership Cards to members
Restrict member access levels
Allow specific members to manage community groups
Manage required registration fields per member type
Manage registration field visibility per member type
Create custom profile fields per member type
Search directory by all profile and custom field criteria
Create custom forms for frontend member directory searches
Spotlight members within the community
Manage lost and non-member directory

Bulk email by multi-criteria directory search
Bulk message all members within your online community
Real-time chat with individual members
Select from pre-defined e-newsletter templates
Create/Save your own custom email templates
Manage email opt-out and bounce process
Send rich text, HTML or plain text emails
Track specific content and/or entire email
View open reports and click tracking stats
Schedule future mailings
Include macros for personalized email
Attach files, documents and media

Create custom product categories
Enable store promotion codes/coupon system
Add/edit store product details, sizes, colors, types
Create and sell downloadable products
Enable a “gift message” option for online purchases
Set tax/VAT level and select taxable items
Set item shipping rates with multiple shipping options
Automated email confirmation and shipment notification
Process store credit card purchases
Allow “Bill Me” option for non credit card orders
Export store order information
Syndicate via RSS/XML

Create and manage categories
Accept submitted openings
Limit number of active career posts by membership level
Allow for online application to specific postings
Search résumés/CVs of members
Approve and monitor postings
Export résumés, CVs and openings
Allow for RSS feed of postings

Import member and non-member profile data
Export member and non-member data, contact forms, event registrations, blogs, forums, résumés/CVs, career openings
Import member data into offline databases
Export transaction data for dues, donations, store purchases
Import transaction data into third-party accounting systems
ODBC-compliant format (ASCII and UNICODE)

Alter system-wide settings
Manage your site security and privacy settings
Set date and currency formats to your locale
Set name display format for organization and member types
Allow for real-time credit card processing
Control auto-response emails
Control administrative email notifications
Create custom profile and custom donation fields
Provide required terms of use
Set community email opt-out procedures
Toggle specific features on and off
Manage menu, navigation, order and naming
Manage site meta tags
Manage countries and locations within countries
Set Tax/Vat rate for specific countries and locations within countries

Manage site-wide images and media
Create resource folders and manage content
Upload images, docs, MP3s, FLASH, videos, etc.
Create rotating images and photo galleries

Create multiple community and group forums
Search forums and thread content
View, edit and delete threads
Lock specific forums to member-only access
Lock specific forums to read-only access
Assign specific members as forum moderators
Create automated forum digests that email members updates

Add/edit UNLIMITED administrative accounts
Apply specific access rights
Expire accounts by date
View last login date of administrators

Create multiple membership options and durations
Establish membership dues variables to affect pricing
Set community access based on membership level
Allow introductory pricing and/or free memberships
Implement recurring dues payment via real-time processing
Pro-rate annual dues payments
Provide an expiration grace period on dues
Allow members to pay membership dues in installments
Export membership and dues data & transactions

Complete content management control to create site pages
Publish content via WYSIWYG editor or plain text editor
for advanced HTML and formatting
Create and manage your own custom CSS
Embed offsite content via RSS feed integration
Upload/manage access to files, images and documents
Create site-wide collaborative wiki pages
Create and manage custom menu design, layout and text
Control the access to main/sub menus
Link to offsite content from main menu
Create site-wide file libraries and resource collections
Set public/member access security per page
Create micro-sites and mobile accessible content
Establish social/professional networking access to members

Manage donation and fundraising campaigns
Add/edit donation funds
Create/manage custom donation fields
Create/manage recurring contribution/donation options
Set minimum and maximum donation amounts per fund
Set pre-defined amounts on per fund basis
Process credit card and pledged donations
Mass email members who have donated by multiple criteria
Export donation information
Set campaign goals for each donation fund
Show fundraising progress through visual progress meter

Auto-generate invoices for commerce transactions
Fully integrated into dues, donations and store systems
Transaction manager for credits, payments and adjustments
Partial payment capability via credit card or offline payment
Exportable invoice and transaction details
Bulk print invoices from ecommerce system, dues,
donations and store orders
Invoicing with batch processing
Robust sales, receivable and transaction reporting
API Integration for accounting system synchronization into QuickBooks, Peachtree, Dynamics and more

Single Sign-On and Federated Identity capability
Create member profiles
Import and export member data, including custom fields
Access transaction data from commerce systems
Access career postings
Access all RSS 2.0 community feeds
Access member messaging, connections, media galleries, wall feeds, referrals and more, included free of charge

Search the backend directory by all member profile fields
Email and/or message members based on search results
Assign search results to specific community groups
Create touch logs for all search results
Save your search query to re-run again
Export directory search results for use offline
Assign master account to search results
View extended profile data, transaction history, account information

Create individual groups
Establish private groups with invitation requests
Make specific groups public
Assign members as group administrators
Search and contact group members
Manage group-specific events
Create and manage group blogs & forums
Create and manage custom content within groups
Customize group homepage layouts
Post and manage group photo galleries
Create collaborative wiki group pages
Create group file libraries and resource collections

Create rich blog-style news articles
Manage news categories
Restrict access to news items
Feature specific news items throughout site
Associate specific news items with select groups
Allow for commenting on a per article basis
Syndicate via RSS
Push updates to members via real-time micro blog feed

Manage event information and categories
Create non-event calendar entries
Secure access to specific events to members only
Allow online registration with specific session information
Manage event photos and galleries
Add event tickets for sale online with member-type specific pricing
Cross-promote and sell related store items within events
Export event registration lists
Allow for online event check-in
Mass email event registrants
Schedule automated event reminder emails
Syndicate event lists via RSS/XML

Enable, manage System-Generated certifications
Enable, manage Self-Awarded certifications
Associate certifications with events, quizzes, surveys
View, search for member certifications

Create and manage touch log and reminder categories
Search backend member directory and create touch logs
Create member specific touch logs and reminders
View upcoming reminders on a per administrator basis
View member touch history via backend profile snapshot
Automated touch logs created when members perform certain actions

Select from pre-built reports on commerce, receivables, sales, member activity, community use and more
Create hundreds of reports via integrated reporting system
Save queries within administrative searches for reuse
Create custom queries
Save and share custom queries
Export reports and saved query data for use offline

View overall health of your community at-a-glance
View registered members needing approval
Process membership dues
Process online donations submitted via website
Process store orders needing fulfillment
Review and approve career/volunteer postings
Review and process event registrations
Review and process event tickets
Review member-related statistics
Review action items awaiting processing
Review and approve group/community blogs and photos
Read about enhancements and new product features
Check syte.sensor for your community’s health

Set public/private access and security per form
Create forms with fill-in, radio buttons, multi-select, etc.
Add fields that auto fill data from member profiles
Link to forms from within custom pages
Allow file uploads within forms
View form data submitted via administrative backend
Process form submissions and mark internal comments
Edit submitted form data
Export form data

Create multiple community and group blogs
Allow for members to maintain personal blogs
Browse blogs and posts by tags
Search blogs and posts by post content
View, edit and delete blog posts and comments
Lock specific blogs to member-only access
Lock specific blogs to read-only access
Set admin approval on group and community blogs

Create customized surveys, quizzes and voting ballots
Allow for fill-in, radio button and multiple choice responses
Send private surveys to select members
Limit to one-time submission
View statistics, graphs and reports
Query & export all respondent data

YM continually enhances its solution, and all current features and future upgrades are included with the product’s low fixed fee.